Get a DPF Delete or EGR Delete, or Disable Your Entire Aftertreatment System

Are you frustrated with the aftertreatment system on your diesel engine?

Although aftertreatment systems were introduced to help reduce particulate (smoke) and NOX emissions, their components can impede performance, lower power levels, decrease fuel economy, and derate your diesel engine. The latest aftertreatment systems involve spraying Urea/DEF into an SCR unit to further reduce NOX emissions which are created by the DPF system itself. This process creates harmful ammonia and other toxins which can cause scar tissue to form in your lungs.

Cantune can help.

Aftertreatment System Modification Services

Are you tired of the downtime, repair, and maintenance costs that your aftertreatment system causes?

Cantune takes your diesel engine from decent to awesome with the following services:

  • Aftertreatment system disablement
  • Aftertreatment system derate disablement
  • Aftertreatment system diagnosis and tuning

Don’t let your aftertreatment system hold you back from getting the job done.

Aftertreatment System Components

If you want a specific component on your aftertreatment system disabled, Cantune knows what to do.

We can do a DPF delete, an EGR delete, DEF delete, or a combination of all of these.

We can also help disable or delete these non-essential components:

  • DEF
  • UREA
  • AD Blue
  • SCR
  • Nox sensors
  • AMMONIA sensors
  • Delta Pressure sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • DEF pumps
  • Dosing injectors
  • DEF line heaters

All of these can hinder your truck’s top performance. Let Cantune get your truck to peak status with our knowledgeable services.

Aftertreatment System Responsibility

Although the aftertreatment system can be annoying, you must remember that, depending on where you operate your diesel engine, there are laws concerning your aftertreatment system. You are responsible for any issues that arise from a disabled aftertreatment system.

Aftertreatment System Experts

Cantune wants you to save fuel and reduce downtime on your diesel equipment. Whether you want a DPF or EGR delete or a full aftertreatment system disabled, Cantune is ready to help.

Call us at 519-868-6045 to ask any questions you have or to schedule one of our services. Our expert technicians are ready to help you.